Stimorol Senses

When is the last time you had a chance to work with a yellow elephant?

We were absolutely thrilled when Saatchi & Saatchi, and their creative team approached us with this amazing spot.
They wanted to the viewer to see, what could happen when they had a piece of Stimorol chewing gum.

Martin Gårdeler was put in the directors seat, and had the pleasure of making all of this happen.

It was very important to everyone involved, that the elephant was believable due to the fact that it was – yellow.
Our talented team quickly made some models, and animations that convinced client and agency, that the concept would work.

After the proof of concept was done, the liveaction teams started shooting in various locations, such as central Copenhagen, Copenhagen suburbs and Randers Regnskov to get the exotic plants and plates. It was very important that the 2 characters, would be fixed sitting on the elephant, so they were mounted on a blue mechanic rodeo bull. The bull had numerous tracking markers, making the liveaction and 3D animation match up.

The end spot ended up being a exhilarating ride through the fruit jungle.

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